Shrub & Tree Services

Shrub & Tree Services

Not all plants are created equal, and they shouldn’t be trimmed as if they are. Pruning and shaping must be carefully crafted to match with your plants’ needs at the correct time of the season. Aesthetic trimming can be offset with rejuvenation trimming to keep your plants at the peak of their health, and looking their best.

Benefits of trimming and pruning your landscaping.
✔️Control the size of your plants.
✔️Cleaning and shaping of your plants, especially important for bushes and hedges.
✔️Promotes thicker and fuller growth from the areas cut.
✔️Pruning removes diseased, dying, and stray/irregular branches.

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Some of our landscape maintenance services are:

Weekly/bi-weekly Lawn Mowing

Shrub & Tree Service

Spring/Fall Clean-ups


Mulch Delivery & Installation

Stone Mulch

Woods Clean-up

and many more